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You’ve Been Affected by Medical Malpractice: What’s Next?

Medical ErrorThroughout the years, many people have suffered fatal and non-fatal injuries that are due to medical malpractice in Baltimore, MD. If you suspect that you’ve been affected by the carelessness or error of a medical team or professional, you need to know what to do next. Below, we have outlined what you should do if you think you are a victim:

Find a New Doctor – Your health is very important and should be your first priority. For this reason, you must find another doctor quickly to assess and correct (if possible) the medical mistake of your previous physician.

Request Your Medical Records – You will need these records as they will play a critical role in your malpractice case.

Keep a Journal – For added evidence, write down any changes to your health that are due to the medical error of your physician, as well as other impacts on your life. Make your entries as detailed as possible.

Contact an Attorney – You will need representation to help hold the responsible party accountable for their professional negligence.  Your attorney will also speak to the other party on your behalf. You should avoid making contact with them to avoid unnecessary stress and legal complications. The professionals at Mallon LLC are happy to assist you and look into your case.