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Don’t suffer from the fault of another and bear the burden of medical and related expenses alone. At Mallon LLC, a respected and successful personal injury law firm in Baltimore, MD, we handle cases such as:

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury causes life-long negative effects for the individual and their family. This is a major cause of disability across the land, and we are prepared to help you seek compensation.

Wrongful Death

You can pursue several legal avenues if another’s wrongdoing caused the death of someone close to you. Turn to our firm for advice and support.


If you’ve suffered a fire-related injury due to another’s negligence, you may have a case that one of our personal injury lawyers can pursue.


Burns are painful and traumatic and lead to expensive and ongoing medical treatment. If you have suffered a burn due to someone’s negligence, let our attorneys handle your case.

Swimming Pool Injuries

A swimming pool requires attentive oversight and care. That’s not always the case, and drownings and injuries may lead you to seek legal advice.

Pedestrian, Bird/Scooters, and Train Accidents

Tort law allows you to recover damages if you’ve been injured as a pedestrian, on a Bird or electric scooter, on a train, or in other situations. Consult with us about seeking redress.

Elevator Accidents

Elevator operators have a duty to keep their lifts safe. When they fail, it can lead to injury and subsequent legal action. If you’ve experienced an elevator accident, call our personal injury attorneys.

Dog Attacks/Dog Bites

There are varying rules on pet owner liability in different jurisdictions. One of our lawyers at Mallon LLC can advise on your case if you’ve been attacked by a dog.

Construction Accidents

Construction site accidents can lead to devastating injuries. For an injury suffered at a site, let our lawyers assess the case for you.


Personal injury suffered as a result of a sinkhole can be serious and long-lasting. At Mallon LLC, we are ready to provide the legal advice you need on this matter.


Never wait on a personal injury claim. In some cases, there is a statute of limitations on when you can file, so it’s best to contact a personal injury lawyer right away to start proceedings. Although it may seem like you have plenty of time, a delay in filing a claim will also result in a delay in resolution. If you experience loss of income, medical bills, or other expenses associated with your injury, starting the process can expedite potential disbursement to cover those costs.


If you’re injured through no fault of your own, contact one of our personal injury lawyers. Discussing your situation with a legal professional is always a wise decision. Whether a car accident or slip-and-fall, your injuries could be life-changing and affect your future health and income. Don’t take chances on your wellbeing; make the call that will protect your rights.

Contact our firm for more on how we can help you with your legal issue. We are proud to serve clients in Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding area.

If you have been seriously injured by the negligence or wrongdoing of another, please contact Mallon LLC, as soon as possible, for a no-cost evaluation of your legal rights and the claims you may have. Mallon LLC is your personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD, Prince George’s County, MD, and throughout Maryland and Washington DC.