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Assistance for Workers’ Compensation in Baltimore, MD

The focus of workers’ compensation is to provide financial support for injured workers and their families for the loss of earning capacity due to a work-related injury. If you suffered an injury at work and need assistance getting workers’ compensation in Baltimore, MD, contact our lawyers at Mallon LLC for help. The six primary categories of benefits are listed here.

Partial Permanent Disability Benefits

This is the most commonly paid benefit and compensates for an injured worker’s loss of potential earnings.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

If you are temporarily totally disabled due to accidental injury or occupational disease you could be eligible for these benefits.

Death Benefits

Most jurisdictions provide compensation for families or other survivors of a worker killed as the result of a workplace accident. This benefit aims to replace the lost income for survivors.

Total Permanent Disability

A worker who is totally, permanently disabled due to a work injury is eligible for a special benefit plan, with the amount of benefits ordered by the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Medical Benefits

Reasonable medical costs for a workplace injury are covered by workers’ compensation. This covers treatment, prescriptions, medical devices, and mileage to appointments.

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

These benefits allow injured and disabled workers to return to productive employment by funding their vocational rehabilitation.


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If you have been injured in a work accident requiring medical treatment, or have suffered what you believe is a work-related illness or condition, then please contact Mallon LLC for a free consultation regarding your workers’ compensation case in Baltimore, MD and throughout Maryland. Let us be your workers’ compensation attorneys. Our firm’s fees in such cases are on contingency – meaning, there is no attorney’s fee charged unless we recover benefits on your behalf. The amount of any fee is determined by the Workers’ Compensation Commission.