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When Unsecured Carpets or Slippery Mats Can Cause Injuries

Slip and FallWhen you’re in a place of business, you expect the premises to be safe. Even when businesses take measures to prevent hazards in the workplace, there are potential problems that may not have been considered — especially during the winter months. Wintery weather can be pretty, but it’s best left outside. Regular foot traffic can carry snow, ice, and other debris through your door and can create a slippery situation for anyone else who comes through.


Snow and ice aren’t going to keep patrons from coming into a building, so it’s important for businesses to consider ways to prevent them from bringing the elements indoors. And while it’s crucial that they protect their entrances in the winter, it’s also important to review the interior for potential hazards. Loose rugs or a run in the carpet can lead to unfortunate trips and falls.


If you or a loved one have taken a tumble and suffered an injury that resulted from a fall at a business, it’s important to speak to an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Baltimore, MD. For more information regarding your legal rights after a dangerous slip, trip, or fall accident, turn to the dedicated representatives at Mallon LLC for help in your time of need.