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Legal Ramifications of Texting While Driving

Texting While Driving AccidentToday, smartphones have become a necessity that everyone should have. Many individuals have become more dependent on these electronic devices. Whether they need to make a quick call or check their email, smartphones are accessories that can be used to handle different tasks quickly. However, so many of us have become plugged into our devices that they are effecting lives in negative ways. One of the most alarming is texting while driving.


This behavior is not only risky but also illegal in almost every state. There are strict laws that prohibit drivers from using mobile devices while operating their vehicles because it can lead to auto accidents in Baltimore, MA, and other areas. The consequences for texting while driving vary in severity from simply having to pay a fine to even jail time. And while these penalties are bad, the ultimate ones could be injury or death of your or others on the road. It isn’t worth it. If an incident does occur, contact a car accident lawyer from Mallon LLC.


Avoiding the legal ramifications and life-changing consequences of texting while driving is easy. Just unplug yourself from your smartphone when you get behind the wheel. Whether you need to lock it in your glove compartment or leave it in your purse, do what it takes to keep your eyes on the road.