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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Contact an Accident Attorney

Slip and Fall WarningAn accident can happen when you least expect. From falling in a store to stumbling and twisting an ankle because of a broken sidewalk, all kinds of mishaps occur to people every day. If you are involved in an incident, reach out to an accident attorney as soon as possible. Law offices, such as Mallon LLC, always have a slip and fall lawyer in Baltimore, MD, available to help you.


You shouldn’t wait to call a legal professional if you are injured.  This is important because an attorney can help you with the following:

  • Filing Your Case within the Statutes of Limitations and Government Tort Claim Deadlines
  • Collecting Evidence before It Is Destroyed or Lost
  • Conducting an Interview with You and Witnesses Before the Event Fades from Memory
  • Helping You Take Advantage of a Chance to Collect a Quick Settlement
  • Give You Peace of Mind That Your Case Is in Good Hands


If you are still not sure about calling an attorney and money is the issue, please remember that many slip and fall lawyers offer free or low-price consultations. Several also take on cases on a contingency fee basis. This way, you can get the representation you need without having to come up with any money upfront.