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Posts made in January 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Contact an Accident Attorney

Slip and Fall WarningAn accident can happen when you least expect. From falling in a store to stumbling and twisting an ankle because of a broken sidewalk, all kinds of mishaps occur to people every day. If you are involved in an incident, reach out to an accident attorney as soon as possible. Law offices, such as Mallon LLC, always have a slip and fall lawyer in Baltimore, MD, available to help you.


You shouldn’t wait to call a legal professional if you are injured.  This is important because an attorney can help you with the following:

  • Filing Your Case within the Statutes of Limitations and Government Tort Claim Deadlines
  • Collecting Evidence before It Is Destroyed or Lost
  • Conducting an Interview with You and Witnesses Before the Event Fades from Memory
  • Helping You Take Advantage of a Chance to Collect a Quick Settlement
  • Give You Peace of Mind That Your Case Is in Good Hands


If you are still not sure about calling an attorney and money is the issue, please remember that many slip and fall lawyers offer free or low-price consultations. Several also take on cases on a contingency fee basis. This way, you can get the representation you need without having to come up with any money upfront.

Legal Ramifications of Texting While Driving

Texting While Driving AccidentToday, smartphones have become a necessity that everyone should have. Many individuals have become more dependent on these electronic devices. Whether they need to make a quick call or check their email, smartphones are accessories that can be used to handle different tasks quickly. However, so many of us have become plugged into our devices that they are effecting lives in negative ways. One of the most alarming is texting while driving.


This behavior is not only risky but also illegal in almost every state. There are strict laws that prohibit drivers from using mobile devices while operating their vehicles because it can lead to auto accidents in Baltimore, MA, and other areas. The consequences for texting while driving vary in severity from simply having to pay a fine to even jail time. And while these penalties are bad, the ultimate ones could be injury or death of your or others on the road. It isn’t worth it. If an incident does occur, contact a car accident lawyer from Mallon LLC.


Avoiding the legal ramifications and life-changing consequences of texting while driving is easy. Just unplug yourself from your smartphone when you get behind the wheel. Whether you need to lock it in your glove compartment or leave it in your purse, do what it takes to keep your eyes on the road.

Understand Your Rights as a Cyclist Following an Auto Accident

Cyclist vs AutoCyclists, like motorcyclists and pedestrians, are extremely vulnerable while riding on the road. Even with the proper protective gear on, they don’t have the benefit of being surrounded by thousands of pounds of metal that can shield them during a collision. Fortunately, Maryland bicycle laws are structured explicitly to create a safe environment for everyone sharing the road.

Laws for Cyclists

If you ride a bicycle on the road, you are subject to all of the usual rules as they relate to traffic signals and right-of-way. It’s also important to remember:

  • Follow All Traffic Safety Signs and Signals
  • Avoid the Highway
  • Stay on the Right Side of the Road
  • Use the Bike Lane
  • Keep Hands on the Handlebars and Eyes on the Road
  • Passengers Must Be Seated
  • No Clinging to Other Vehicles
  • No Headphones Allowed
  • Helmets Are Required for Cyclists Under Age 16
  • Bikes Must-Have Brakes
  • Lamps and Reflectors Are Required on Certain Highways

Laws for Drivers

If you encounter a cyclist, treat them with respect, and help keep them safe by:

  • Keeping Your Distance
  • Yielding to Cyclists When Turning
  • Respecting Bike Lanes
  • Yielding to Cyclists on Sidewalks, Bike Paths, and Crosswalks


If you’re a cyclist and have been involved in an accident, remember that you have rights. Protect your rights following a cycling accident by turning to Mallon LLC, a reputable personal injury law firm that you can count on.

When Unsecured Carpets or Slippery Mats Can Cause Injuries

Slip and FallWhen you’re in a place of business, you expect the premises to be safe. Even when businesses take measures to prevent hazards in the workplace, there are potential problems that may not have been considered — especially during the winter months. Wintery weather can be pretty, but it’s best left outside. Regular foot traffic can carry snow, ice, and other debris through your door and can create a slippery situation for anyone else who comes through.


Snow and ice aren’t going to keep patrons from coming into a building, so it’s important for businesses to consider ways to prevent them from bringing the elements indoors. And while it’s crucial that they protect their entrances in the winter, it’s also important to review the interior for potential hazards. Loose rugs or a run in the carpet can lead to unfortunate trips and falls.


If you or a loved one have taken a tumble and suffered an injury that resulted from a fall at a business, it’s important to speak to an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Baltimore, MD. For more information regarding your legal rights after a dangerous slip, trip, or fall accident, turn to the dedicated representatives at Mallon LLC for help in your time of need.