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Rely on Mallon LLC for wise counsel about executive compensation in Baltimore, MD. Our respected employment attorneys have the skill and experience to get results. Let us help you with:

Severance Agreement Negotiations – There may be a time in your career when the writing is on the wall. When that time comes, turn to our attorneys for a severance package that takes your years of employment and value into account. We want you to leave a position on good terms and with a contract in hand.

Review of Employment Contracts – Before you sign that employment agreement, make sure one of our lawyers looks it over. We are on your side and examine the contract to weigh its merits on your behalf. Let us explain the specifics to you before you sign your name.

Review of Consultant Agreements – It is essential for you to have your attorney review a consulting contract before you agree to the terms. The other side’s counsel has drafted an agreement in favor of their client.  Now, make sure this contract benefits you by asking for your lawyer’s opinion.

Non-Competition Agreements/Restrictive Covenants – Differing courts of law may have differing points of view on the terms and duration of non-competition agreements or restrictive covenants. The extent to which the courts enforce such an agreement to limit an executive from working in an identified field and/or geographic area -- usually for a specified duration -- varies significantly depending on the jurisdiction to which the law applies and the terms of an agreement. Consult with one of our lawyers about your situation to get the answers you need.

Executive Compensation/Incentive Compensation – Executive compensation may weigh heavily in the favor of pay for performance that can include year-end or other bonus pay. And, some of that compensation might be in the form of restricted stock or options that may be subject to deferral.  To ensure your compensation plan is well-defined, rely on the independent legal counsel you have hired.

Termination – When you are leaving a position, it is to your benefit to have your attorney by your side to examine the terms of your final compensation package. A lawyer from our firm works to ensure you have a clear and defined written contract for matters, such as severance and non-compete clauses.

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