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Understand Your Rights as a Cyclist Following an Auto Accident

Cyclist vs AutoCyclists, like motorcyclists and pedestrians, are extremely vulnerable while riding on the road. Even with the proper protective gear on, they don’t have the benefit of being surrounded by thousands of pounds of metal that can shield them during a collision. Fortunately, Maryland bicycle laws are structured explicitly to create a safe environment for everyone sharing the road.

Laws for Cyclists

If you ride a bicycle on the road, you are subject to all of the usual rules as they relate to traffic signals and right-of-way. It’s also important to remember:

  • Follow All Traffic Safety Signs and Signals
  • Avoid the Highway
  • Stay on the Right Side of the Road
  • Use the Bike Lane
  • Keep Hands on the Handlebars and Eyes on the Road
  • Passengers Must Be Seated
  • No Clinging to Other Vehicles
  • No Headphones Allowed
  • Helmets Are Required for Cyclists Under Age 16
  • Bikes Must-Have Brakes
  • Lamps and Reflectors Are Required on Certain Highways

Laws for Drivers

If you encounter a cyclist, treat them with respect, and help keep them safe by:

  • Keeping Your Distance
  • Yielding to Cyclists When Turning
  • Respecting Bike Lanes
  • Yielding to Cyclists on Sidewalks, Bike Paths, and Crosswalks


If you’re a cyclist and have been involved in an accident, remember that you have rights. Protect your rights following a cycling accident by turning to Mallon LLC, a reputable personal injury law firm that you can count on.