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What are Your Rights after Termination?

Worried man reading a letter at his desk

Losing a job is a very stressful situation, regardless of the circumstance. It is made doubly, so when the termination is unjust and perhaps even illegal.

No matter whether the employer thinks they have standing to sever an employment relationship with an individual, in fact, the reality can be quite different. Bosses just cannot fire employees frivolously based on whims or perceived slights or with malicious intent. Those are antiquated and punitive reasons that have no place in the modern work world.

There is recourse available to you if you have been fired without due cause, notice, or reason. Your support for unjust termination in Baltimore, MD, will be found at a law firm like Mallon LLC, which has experience in steadfastly standing up for workers who have lost their jobs unfairly.

If you find yourself unemployed for no good reason, do not take the blow and move on — fight for your rights because the law is one your side. Statutes and regulations support you and can be put to use by your chosen law firm to build and present a strong case on your behalf.

There is legal precedent on your side and other remedies available, especially so for government employees. When your employment is ended, it is not the end of the line. It is an opportunity to get justice for what you have lost.

Dealing with wrongful termination is a very stressful vent, but it can be made better by seeking legal support in Baltimore, MD. Mallon LLC can help you.