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Identifying Discriminatory Harassment in the Workplace

Discrimination in the Workplace

The law dictates that all employees be treated equally, and all job applicants considered fairly regardless of race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, physical disability, and other considerations. However, discriminatory harassment still occurs in the workplace. Discriminatory harassment takes many forms, and its expressions can be mild or severe. It is the obligation of employers, though, to ensure that their employees receive equitable and respectful treatment.

If you have experienced workplace discrimination, you have options. At the offices of Mallon LLC, you can speak to a knowledgeable discrimination lawyer in Baltimore, MD. Our law firm will review the details of your claim and advise you on the available courses of action.

You can identify instances of workplace discrimination by one or more of many markers of class- or group-based exclusion. Examples include:

  1. Slurs directed toward an employee of a different race.
  2. Degrading comments about a disabled employee.
  3. Intolerance towards an employee’s religious holidays or customs.
  4. Teasing an employee for their gender identity or sexual orientation.
  5. Unequal compensation for the same job based on race, sex, age, etc.
  6. Refusing a job or promotion to an individual due to pregnancy.