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When good people stand idly by, corruption, fraud, and other deceitful workplace practices are allowed to flourish. These situations often have far-reaching impacts that grow with time.

It is not easy to speak up, and the act of being a whistleblower is not one that most people take lightly. It is the product of deep consideration and the urge to do what is right. Those same people are also concerned about the safety of their employment and any repercussions, which might befall them. That is why there are law firms that take it upon themselves to stand up with, and for, the little guy.

If you feel the need to speak out about a circumstance that you know is wrong — that you believe deeply needs to be addressed and corrected — remember that you are not alone. There is whistleblower protection in Baltimore, MD, which is available to you.

A firm like Mallon LLC will support you through this journey while employing all the tools available to them through the various protections offered workers by legislation such as the False Claims Act and the Maryland False Health Claims Act.

If you are faced with such a situation, take the time before you move into action to expose corruption or fraud, to ensure you have supports in place to uphold your rights and protections guaranteed under the law.

If you need to speak out about workplace corruption, remember there is whistleblower protection available. In Baltimore, MD, Mallon LLC stands for you.